Friday, August 9, 2013

Big Firsts!

Kieran and Colin turned 4 months old last week, it has been a week of first experiences for them!

They took their first big step towards solid food and started eating rice cereal! This also meant that they got to sit in their high chairs for the first time. They get cereal for breakfast and then again at dinner. The first feeding went pretty well, save for a meltdown by Colin at first. We tried to feed them cereal before their bottle, but he was too hungry, so we gave them bottles and went back to the cereal afterward. They are continuing to do very well on the cereal, and their pediatrician has given us the OK to try fruits and veggies in about a month.


 Rice cereal is delicious!


Can I have some more?

The boys also started day care this week! Dropping them off the first day was hard, especially for Daddy, who has been staying home with them every day the last two months. However, they have been having a great time! Currently the youngest in their class, they get plenty of attention from their teachers and have also been interacting with the other babies to some extent. They are the first set of twins in the program. We are so lucky their Auntie Ellen works at the school and has been giving us photo updates of their first week!

Getting ready for our first day of school!
Fun at day care!
Tummy time for Colin

Last time I wrote about transitioning them to their cribs. Well, this is still a work in progress! We are having a hard time kicking them out of our bedroom, and unfortunately it would be impossible to fit one crib in there, much less two.  Never mind that we have the Cadillac of video monitors, it’s just so nice that they are the first thing we see when we wake up (well, sometimes they are… sometimes though we get dog faces in our faces when we’re late on feeding them!) We’ll get there eventually!

Until next time,
Amanda, Ryan and the Cupcake Twins!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

3 months old!

Three months ago, our lives changed forever when we welcomed our little miracles into the world! Even though they were born 7 weeks early, Kieran and Colin are doing fantastic! A couple weeks ago they started smiling (for real, not just gas) and babbling when we talk to them. They are also getting really close to sleeping through the night, going 6 hours between night time feedings.  This is a vast improvement from the early weeks of getting up every 3 hours! The boys currently sleep in their rock and play sleepers in our room, but pretty soon we are going to have to transition them to their cribs. Colin sometimes tries to stand up in his rock and play. We are so not ready for this, but know it is going to have to happen sooner or later. Maybe we can move our dressers into the boys’ room and move the cribs into our room? LOL (I’m only kind of joking…)

The past 3 months have been quite an adventure while we've been learning all about our little boys! Here are a couple smiley pictures:



Kieran and Colin’s Birth Story!

When I last posted at 32 weeks, I posted ultrasound pictures from our relatively uneventful MFM appointment. Little did I know that less than a week later I would have pictures of the boys from the outside!

On Sunday, March 24 at about 2am I was having what I thought were, oh I’ll just come out and say it, bad gas pains. There are so many charming side effects of pregnancy, I figured this was one of them. Well, by 8am I was still having the pains with no relief. Ryan convinced me it was time to call the OB. We went ahead into labor and delivery again, even though I was fully expecting them to send me on my way. Well, turns out I was contracting and I was 2 cm dilated! Long story short, I wasn’t going anywhere! 

They admitted me to the hospital and decided to put me on full bedrest while they gave me magnesium to stop the contractions. The magnesium was horrible; it made me really warm all the time (even when the room temperature was 60 degrees!). I just felt terrible while on it. Not to mention, it wasn’t doing a great job of stopping the contractions; every now and then the painful contractions would still break through. I ended up having to take Demorol and Stadol pain medications at night. 

All day Monday I was still having contractions, but they weren’t too strong, so we thought maybe the magnesium was working. On Tuesday my OB came to see me in the hospital. When she checked me, I had gone from 2 cm dilated to 6 CM DILATED, on top of which, I was still having contractions. At first my OB said I would stay on the magnesium until my contractions broke through, at which point we would deliver. However, there was some concern that my water would break first. Since the boys were breech and since I was so dilated, if my water broke there was a high chance one of the babies’ cords would prolapse ( if you're curious) , and if that were to happen, I would have to be rushed to the operating room for an emergency c-section. My OB decided that this was too risky of a situation and that it would be better to just do the c-section under a more controlled situation.

At 5:20pm I was taken back to the operating room and prepped for the c-section. I was nervous since I didn’t know what to expect (my childbirth preparedness class was scheduled for 4/6!), but it wasn’t too bad and I had some amazing nurses in the OR with me. Kieran James was born at 5:48pm and Colin Michael was born at 5:50 pm. Since it wasn’t an emergency c-section I was fully conscious and Ryan was able to be in the room with me, so we got to hear their first cries as they were born and Ryan got to see them immediately. As soon as I heard them cry, I was instantly relieved that they were okay.

The boys were taken up to NICU to be evaluated since they were born so early. They have been little rock stars ever since! At first they needed to be on a CPAP machine to help them breathe, and they needed to be under a phototherapy light for excess bilirubin levels.  However, it wasn’t long before they were breathing on their own and the only thing they were attached to is a feeding tube as they learned to feed. Since they were born so early they had not learned the suck/swallow reflex that is usually learned in utero. The boys ended up staying in the NICU for 15 days, which wasn’t bad at all considering they were 7 weeks early. 

My recovery from the c-section was not so fun. The first time getting out of bed was excruciating, and I continued to be in pain for at least a couple weeks. Only in the past few weeks have I really started to feel like my old self again. I'm told c-section recovery isn't this bad for everybody, and I'm sure having 2 in there only made recovery harder, however every time I see my healthy boys, I know it was worth it!

We can’t believe how lucky we are to be the parents to these two beautiful boys!  Our road to get here wasn’t always an easy one, but it was all worth it! Here are some pictures of them while they were in the hospital, and some from when they first came home:

Kieran James
Colin Michael
Sharing their big boy bed in NICU

Burrito Babies!

Why so serious, Colin?

Dinnertime for Kieran

Home at last!