Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drugs, Dogs and a Disclaimer

First of all, the disclaimer (especially for male readers and the squeamish): This is a blog about IVF, so if I’m going to talk about the entire process, you may come across some terminology regarding female body parts and body processes… I’m not going to post anything too graphic, but if you are particularly bothered by bodily functions, you may want to ask someone to Cliffs Notes it for ya ;)
We had a “training visit” last week at the clinic to learn about all the drugs I will be taking over the course of the IVF process and how to administer them. Honestly, it was quite overwhelming since there are 3 different injections I have to take at different times, plus pills, patches, etc. The good news is that the class was just an overview, and the clinic will let me know exactly when I need to take what meds.
The injection to stimulate my egg development is actually a mixture of 2 different drugs that come in powder form that I will have to concoct myself. This is a bit intimidating, but I'm more intimidated by actually mixing the drugs correctly than the needle itself. The other two injections (one to prevent ovulation and one that I take once to induce ovulation) come in pre-filled syringes, which make it easier. I’m also going to be on A LOT of Estrogen after the embryos are implanted. This all adds up to an absolute SLEW of hormones that will be coursing through my body over the next month, which is going to be tons of fun for me as well as those around me…. Let me take the opportunity now to apologize for my (highly) probable emotional outbursts in advance! I’m supposed to start injections on 2/10; consider yourselves warned J
The reason why my first procedure (the hysteroscopy) isn’t until 2/8 is because I have to be on birth control pills for 3 weeks to control my ovulation before the procedure. (My uterus officially belongs to my doctor now!) It’s pretty ironic I would have to take birth control pills to get pregnant!
Moving on from my uterus... because we are starting a family, we decided it would be a good idea to enroll the dogs in obedience classes at Petsmart. They are still quite young and love to jump on everybody, which is cute now, but will not be okay once I am pregnant and then once Cupcake is here. (People tell me that the dogs will sense the baby’s presence and act accordingly, but the classes are our safety net.) So far, neither of them like to pay much attention in class (too many distractions!), but they do fairly well at home.

Mommy is far more interesting with treats in her hand!
The 8th will be here before we know it, and honestly, I am ready to just get started! So…. the movie “The Vow” comes out the weekend I start my injections… is anybody brave enough to see a sappy chick flick with me!? Bring tissues!!! MANY tissues!!!
Love, Amanda

Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to our blog!

Ryan and I have told several people already of our plans to start in-vitro fertilization this year so that we can start a family, however I went back and forth with myself over how much information to divulge since this is a delicate subject. IVF is wonderful in that it gives us a chance to have children of our own when not too long ago, that may not have been possible since chemotherapy has annihilated Ryan’s fertility. That being said, it is also quite an involved and invasive procedure and there is no guarantee that it will work the first time around. However, we know we have lots of support out there from family and friends who will want to know what is going on and how we are doing. Hence, the blog J “Cupcake” is the euphemism I will use for the baby; I like to think it’s fairly gender neutral!
I’m not going to describe the entire procedure in this post because honestly, some of it is still a little fuzzy for me, so you’ll learn about it as we progress in the treatment (or if you’re really antsy, there is always good ol’ Google!) So far we both have had blood work and I have had a baseline ultra sound. On February 8, I will go in for a Hysteroscopy, which means they are going to send a camera-type thing into my uterus to have a look around and get a feel for Cupcake’s future temporary home, basically making sure everything’s okay.
I feel very comfortable with my doctor and my clinic; I think they are going to take very good care of us and do their best to bring us our Cupcake (or, potentially, Cupcakes… yes, there is a possibility for twins… we’ll get into that later!) I have already started taking prenatal vitamins and they are already getting all of my appointments and medications I will need to take set up, so we are on our way!
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Amanda and Ryan