Sunday, June 30, 2013

3 months old!

Three months ago, our lives changed forever when we welcomed our little miracles into the world! Even though they were born 7 weeks early, Kieran and Colin are doing fantastic! A couple weeks ago they started smiling (for real, not just gas) and babbling when we talk to them. They are also getting really close to sleeping through the night, going 6 hours between night time feedings.  This is a vast improvement from the early weeks of getting up every 3 hours! The boys currently sleep in their rock and play sleepers in our room, but pretty soon we are going to have to transition them to their cribs. Colin sometimes tries to stand up in his rock and play. We are so not ready for this, but know it is going to have to happen sooner or later. Maybe we can move our dressers into the boys’ room and move the cribs into our room? LOL (I’m only kind of joking…)

The past 3 months have been quite an adventure while we've been learning all about our little boys! Here are a couple smiley pictures:



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