Friday, January 20, 2012

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Ryan and I have told several people already of our plans to start in-vitro fertilization this year so that we can start a family, however I went back and forth with myself over how much information to divulge since this is a delicate subject. IVF is wonderful in that it gives us a chance to have children of our own when not too long ago, that may not have been possible since chemotherapy has annihilated Ryan’s fertility. That being said, it is also quite an involved and invasive procedure and there is no guarantee that it will work the first time around. However, we know we have lots of support out there from family and friends who will want to know what is going on and how we are doing. Hence, the blog J “Cupcake” is the euphemism I will use for the baby; I like to think it’s fairly gender neutral!
I’m not going to describe the entire procedure in this post because honestly, some of it is still a little fuzzy for me, so you’ll learn about it as we progress in the treatment (or if you’re really antsy, there is always good ol’ Google!) So far we both have had blood work and I have had a baseline ultra sound. On February 8, I will go in for a Hysteroscopy, which means they are going to send a camera-type thing into my uterus to have a look around and get a feel for Cupcake’s future temporary home, basically making sure everything’s okay.
I feel very comfortable with my doctor and my clinic; I think they are going to take very good care of us and do their best to bring us our Cupcake (or, potentially, Cupcakes… yes, there is a possibility for twins… we’ll get into that later!) I have already started taking prenatal vitamins and they are already getting all of my appointments and medications I will need to take set up, so we are on our way!
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Amanda and Ryan

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