Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Two Little Follicles that Could

Yesterday I got a call from my doctor with some not-so-good news. He told me that I would only have two good follicles to go into egg retrieval with. Usually they like to have 8-10 because not all of them are able to be used. He gave me two options: one was to proceed to retrieval with the 2 eggs, or stop now and start over with different stimulation medications (the shots I was taking). He also said there was no right answer and it was totally up to us. Ryan and I talked about it and decided to go forward with this round. If we stopped and started a different course of meds, it is possible that we could end up in the same position, so we figured we would just go for it.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, there is no guarantee that the two follicles that are retrieved will be able to be fertilized, so if it does not work we are back at square one physically, emotionally and financially. Fortunately, my doctor will not charge us his fees again until we have a baby. However, there are many other costs associated with IVF such as the medication and lab fees, none of which are covered under our insurances.

My egg retrieval is on Thursday and I take my “trigger” shot tonight that will make me ovulate. Please keep my two little follicles in your thoughts on Thursday; I’m hoping they are the two “A-team” follicles!


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