Thursday, October 25, 2012

Graduation Day!

I had my last appointment at my fertility clinic on Monday. They kicked me out because the babies are too big for their ultrasound machine! It was bittersweet because I love the staff there, especially my doctor who was not in the office that day, however it's great to know that the babies are doing so well and are growing like weeds!
I have officially "graduated" to my OB, who I saw today. Now I'm just a regular pregnant girl... well, a regular girl pregnant with twins, anyway :) My OB wants me to see a doctor that specializes in Maternal-Fetal Medicine in addition to her. An MFM has had additional training to handle higher risk pregnancies, such as multiples. I have a feeling we'll be able to fill an entire album with ultrasound pictures, which is just fine with me!
Speaking of pictures, let's get to the good stuff! Individual Cupcakes:
Um... so I can't tell the difference between Baby A and Baby B anymore. My fertility doctor's office labeled them with each ultrasound, but not so much at the OB. I'm sure once they get bigger it will be easier to tell, especially if we have boy/girl twins, which I read today is the most common grouping of twins.
Group shot!
Everything looked great and I will go back to my OB in a month (the day after Thanksgiving, actually), but I'm sure I will see the MFM before then. In other news, I've already bought some maternity bottoms (a skirt, pants and jeans) because who knows when my belly will pop and I won't be able to fit any of my regular clothes anymore! When it does, I will take a picture of me and my bump to post :)

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