Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy V-Day!

Of course, I'm not talking about the holiday in February when you send your sweetheart flowers and chocolate. The "V" I'm referring to here is Viability. I am 24 weeks pregnant today, and at 24 weeks  babies have a good chance of survival outside the womb should something happen to make the mom go into preterm labor. Now, obviously we want the boys to keep baking for as long as possible, but a lot of women (myself included) breathe a little easier at this point. In my book, this day is even better than the other v-day!

That being said, I had an OB appointment today and everything looks great; my doctor said she had no complaints! I will have my 1 hour glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes at my next appointment, and after that appointment I start going every two weeks instead of monthly. It feels crazy but exciting to be here already!

In other news, Ryan and his dad started painting the boys' room this weekend. We chose 2 beautiful shades of blue and the room is looking really good! I will post a picture of the nursery once it is finished.

Since I have no new ultrasound pictures, I will post a bump picture for you. It is getting increasingly difficult to get in and out of my Honda Accord coupe, so much to Ryan's dismay, we'll probably be switching cars soon!

As a reminder, here I am at 16 weeks:

And here we are today at 24 weeks:

These boys are getting so big, and I still have a ways to go!

I will have another MFM appointment in a few weeks and an OB appointment in a month. Until then, we're going to have fun working on the nursery and start getting things ready for the boys' arrival in a few months!

Love, Amanda

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