Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh, the waiting is the hardest part…

You said a mouthful, Tom Petty! I have been waiting for what seems like forever, but it has actually only taken 2 weeks to find out the results of my MRI, which would tell me what type of Mullerian Anomaly I am dealing with. (Mullerian Anomaly is the fancy word for “issue with my uterus”.  There are several types of them, including bicornuate and septate uteri). It took awhile to get the results because the information in the report from the radiologist was conflicting.   It said there were characteristics of both septate and bicornuate uteri.   So, my doctor sat down with the MRI film and the radiologist and determined….

….that we are dealing with a septate uterus. He said the top of my uterus looks totally normal; there is no heart shape. This is great news! Hopefully I can have the surgery to remove the excess tissue in my uterus later this week or early next week.  It will be non-invasive; the procedure is very similar to the hysteroscopy I had.  The doctor also said that he did not anticipate having to wait an entire month after the surgery before we can start IVF. Basically we just have to wait for the lining of my uterus to build back up, which they have pills and patches for.  It is exciting… and a bit scary. LOL! But more good news, of course!

Back to the MRI… I had never had one before, but a friend at work also had one a few days before me (I’m sure our insurance is thrilled!) and told me some things to expect. For example, the MRI is obnoxiously loud (even with ear plugs and headphones on). Also, she told me how uncomfortable it is to stay still and be in a tube for 30+ minutes. Fortunately mine was an open MRI. Laying down on the table and looking straight ahead I saw the tube, but if I looked up, I could see ceiling tiles, so no claustrophobic freak out! I also had to fast for 4 hours before the MRI. Why is it that the minute you have to start fasting, you instantly become the hungriest and/or thirstiest person on the planet? I was all “MUST…. HAVE… WATER”, even though I was chugging it down at 10:59 (fasting started at 11).

It feels really good to know what we’re dealing with and to know the next step in the process. In the meantime, I am going to take some of my friends’ advice and drink all the caffeine and “adult beverages” and eat all the sushi I want before I get pregnant. LOL!
Love, Amanda

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  1. GREAT, GREAT NEWS!!! I am SOO happy for yall!!! I pray the surgery goes GREAT and there is VERY little pain!!! :O)

    Amanda, you are SOOOO funny!! I feel thirsty AND hungry just reading YOU talking about not being able to eat and drink!! LOL!!

    You and Ryan sre going to be AWESOME parents! I can NOT wait!!!!!!

    God's Timing Will Be Perfect in 2012
    He has made everything beautiful in its time.
    He has also set eternity in the hearts of men;
    yet they cannot fathom what God has done
    from beginning to end. ~~ Ecclesiastes 3:11

    Another year I enter
    Its history unknown;
    Oh, how my feet would tremble
    To tread its paths alone!
    But I have heard a whisper,
    I know I shall be blest;
    "My presence shall go with thee,
    And I will give thee rest."

    What will the New Year bring me?
    I may not, must not know;
    Will it be love and rapture,
    Or loneliness and woe?
    Hush! Hush! I hear His whisper;
    I surely shall be blest;
    "My presence shall go with thee,
    And I will give thee rest."
    ~~ Unknown

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