Saturday, September 22, 2012

The oven is on...

And we're baking!
The last time I posted, the day of my embryo transfer, I mentioned that I would be taking a pregnancy test in a couple weeks. Well, it has been more than a couple weeks and I am finally ready to announce on the blog that I am, in fact, PREGNANT! And, in case you can't tell from the picture below, it's looking like TWINS! We were able to see both little heartbeats at the ultrasound yesterday. It was amazing :)
Ryan and I are over the moon to be expecting not only one, but two little miracles! I am feeling okay, no morning sickness yet, but I have been having food aversions. Some foods that I usually like don't really sound good to me right now. (The other night I turned down ice cream!) I also got some kind of cold/allergy crap last weekend, so I've been congested all week which has been no fun. Otherwise though, I'm feeling pretty good! Ryan is super excited and tries to make as many ultrasound appointments as he can. (These being IVF babies, I get a lot more ultrasounds than a typical pregnant girl, which I am totally fine with!)
I am due May 11, 2013, however with twins, it could be earlier. I am still getting ultrasounds and bloodwork at my fertility doctor, but they will probably release me to my OB at around 10 weeks, I believe. I am also still taking hormone supplements, which I will probably be allowed to stop around the same time I am released to my OB.
It is still very early in the pregnancy (I am 6 weeks, 5 days today), so I am not "going public" yet. I will probably make a Facebook announcement around Thanksgiving when I am well into my second trimester. However, I will continue to keep the blog updated the entire time, so stay tuned!
Love, Amanda

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