Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little pregnant :)

I had my embryo transfer today! I figured this was as close as one could get to being "a little pregnant". I am not technically pregnant yet, the embryo(s) have to implant themselves first; however I have them in my uterus and I am on the same restrictions as a pregnant woman. Here they are in all of their glory, 2 beautiful 8 cell embryos!

The transfer itself was pretty easy, except for the fact that I had to have a FULL bladder during the procedure. It puts pressure on the uterus, which is good for some reason. I took a Valium before the procedure to relax my uterus because when things are placed into the uterus that don't belong there, such as the catheter used to insert the embryos, the uterus will contract which is not good. Here is a picture of the embryos in their new home:
I don't know if you can see the little arrow, but it's pointing to the little white blip, aka the embryos, in the middle there. Cute, aren't they?! BTW, my doctor said that he wanted to post a picture of my uterus on Facebook, LOL!  Apparently it's quite pretty! A great home for a cupcake or two :)
So now I'm on my bedrest. At least my doctor is allowing me to get up to take a brief daily shower, which I am pretty excited about! I get to take a pregnancy test in a couple weeks, in the meantime we're just going to talk nicely to the embryos in hopes that they keep on growing!
Love, Amanda

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