Wednesday, March 20, 2013

32 weeks and going strong!

We had another MFM appointment today, and that means we got to see the boys! Everything is still looking great; Colin is weighing 4lbs, 11 oz and Kieran is weighing 4lbs, 5 oz. (EDIT: Judging by their birth weights, I think I had the boys mixed up here LOL). They are both still breech, so even with all the movement I've been feeling, they haven't managed to do a flip. There is still time, of course, but these boys don't seem very interested in flipping.

We got more face pictures today! I think they're too big to get full body pictures now, LOL.

Here's Colin! Looks like he's got some chubby little cheeks! (Well, you can only see one clearly here) You should also be able to see his eyes (closed), nose and mouth as well :)

And here we have Kieran! You should be able to see one of his closed eyes, nose and mouth. So precious!

I love seeing these face pictures! It's hard to believe that in just a few weeks we'll be seeing the real deal! In fact, our next MFM appointment will be our last because I'll be 35 weeks at my next appointment and I'll be delivering around 37!

We went to an infant care class on Monday, which was pretty intresting. It was actually a little overwhelming, but we'll figure everything out eventually! Next Monday we have a breastfeeding class, and on 4/6 we have a childbirth preparedness class. Eeek!

I'm still working, but I'm guessing that will probably only be for a couple more weeks at most. I'm carrying around 9 lbs of baby, so moving around the office is getting more and more difficult!

See what I mean? ;)

Until next time...

Amanda, Ryan and the boys!

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