Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The big 3-0!

Yes, I am turning 30 in less than a month, but this week I am 30 weeks along! This is a big milestone for me… it means the boys will be here very soon! Actually, they will be here in less than 7 weeks because my OB told me she will probably not let me go past 37 weeks. Both babies were breech at the last ultrasound, so if they don’t flip in the next 7 weeks we will be scheduling a c-section. I am feeling some major movement in there so the fact that they haven’t flipped is crazy to me. Maybe they are waiting until the last minute so they don’t have to spend several weeks head down!

I had a non-stress test at the OB today. I didn’t have any contractions, which is perfect. They also monitored the boys’ heart rates for about 20 minutes. The nurse had a very hard time catching Kieran’s heartbeat because he kept moving, which is typical Kieran; he has a history of being difficult when someone is trying to get his heart rate! Eventually they got it and everybody looked great! In other good news, I passed my glucose test with flying colors, so I can cupcake it up!

My OB wants me to see a doctor weekly now, so on weeks I don’t see my MFM, I will see her.  Even though my anxiety level is much less now since I can feel them move, I will always feel better with more monitoring! We have scheduled an infant care class and a breastfeeding class at the hospital and are in the process of scheduling the child birth class.

No ultrasound pictures this week, so here I am with my belly:

Until next time :)

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